LML to setup EV industrial park in Haryana

Date: October 16, 2023.LML has announced the acquisition of property in Haryana for its forthcoming state-of-the-art EV industrial park, which will primarily focus on e-scooters. The park aspires to redefine the EV manufacturing scene by bringing together cutting-edge technology, creativity, and environmentally friendly practices under one roof.

The property is close to the Delhi Mumbai Expressway on the key road between Gurgaon and Alwar. The planned e-scooters from LML, which are anticipated to go on sale soon.

LML aims to create a collaborative ecosystem within the industrial park. It is inviting key stakeholders, including technology partners, suppliers, and startups, to actively participate in shaping the future of the electric vehicle landscape in India.

To construct its electric two-wheelers at the site, LML has already formed a strategic alliance with Saera Electric Auto, the previous production partner of Harley Davidson in India. But the recent purchase of land in Haryana is a turning point for LML. It will allow the company to promote cooperation and expansion within the EV ecosystem.

Yogesh Bhatia, the Managing Director and CEO of LML, expressed his excitement about the acquisition of land in Haryana, marking the starting point for their ambitious EV industrial park. This development aims to expedite the uptake of electric mobility in India and cultivate alliances with compatible entities. Additionally, the industrial park will house a comprehensive skill development center geared towards training local youth in EV technology. This will provide opportunities for absorption into LML based on merit. Bhatia emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, sustainability, and economic progress.

In line with India’s push for electric mobility and sustainable development, LML’s move is not only a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation. It is also a substantial contribution to the nation’s broader goal of reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, it promotes cleaner transportation alternatives. With this landmark initiative, LML sets a new benchmark for the Indian automotive industry. Moreover, this solidifies its position as a pioneer in the electric vehicle domain.

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