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Luokung announces approval of eMapGo’s HD map standards

China: Luokung Technology Corp., a leading Spatial-Temporal intelligent big data services company and provider of interactive location-based services and High Definition maps in China, announced that the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles—Highly Automated Driving Map—Acquisition Element Model and Exchange Format standard (standard number: T/CSAE 185-2021), sponsored by Luokung’s wholly-owned subsidiary eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“EMG”), a leading provider of navigation and electronic map services in China, has passed the project approval and review process by the China Society of Automotive Engineering Standards (CSAE) and was approved for official release.

This is the first published industry standard for the Highly Automated Driving Map production industry in China. It provides a unified set of standards for the development of the Highly Automated Driving Map and defines and standardizes Highly Automated Driving Map acquisition elements. It also sets the foundation for future intelligent and connected vehicles Highly Automated Driving Map exchange formats and for mapping- and positioning-related standard systems for a cohesive and intelligent network.

The standard, whose development was led by EMG over the course of 16 months, was jointly completed by more than 20 companies, including map manufacturers, hardware and software manufacturers in the field of autonomous driving, and automobile manufacturers.

Mr. Xuesong Song, Chairman and CEO, stated, “We are thrilled to have played a part in establishing the first set of industry standards for autonomous-driving map production. It has been a long yet rewarding process to work with so many individuals and teams in the industry who are dedicated to improving the quality of the industry’s products, and we look forward to maintaining our leadership position within the industry in the years to come.”

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