Mahindra EVs to be fitted with BYD battery

Date: August 22, 2023. Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled plans to make a significant entry into the Australian EV market. To bolster this endeavor, It has formed a partnership with China’s BYD electric vehicle and battery manufacturer.

Mahindra’s decision to join forces with BYD comes amidst delays in a potential partnership with Volkswagen. The partnership with Volkswagen had been under negotiation for some time. The collaboration between Mahindra and BYD will see Mahindra’s electric vehicles equipped with batteries manufactured by BYD. This will lend the Indian company the technological edge and expertise needed to enter the competitive Australian market.

The latest ‘INGLO’ architecture from Mahindra is designed to demonstrate both the electric opportunities it offers. It also showcases a new design direction for the company. This architecture is known as the Thar.e. This is more than just a wild speculation, as Mahindra has announced plans to expand its lineup of electric vehicles in Australia over the next few years.

The XUV.e8, which goes on sale in December 2024, will be the first Mahindra electric vehicle in the new range. The XUV.e9, a sportier coupe-styled model, will follow it in April 2025, preceding the tiny BE.05 and mid-size BE.07 in October 2025 and April 2026, respectively. The company plans to introduce electric versions of the Jeep Wrangler-like Thar.e and larger Scorpio off-road electric SUVs at a later time. These versions will utilize the same electric vehicle chassis developed for cars, rather than the ladder frame used in the gasoline versions. There are plans to release at least two of the six new Mahindra electric vehicles in Australia.

The Australian market, though competitive, offers substantial potential for growth in the electric vehicle sector. As the demand for EVs rises due to increasing environmental awareness and favorable government policies. Mahindra aims to capitalize on this trend by introducing a range of electric vehicles tailored to the Australian consumer base.

They have not yet disclosed the details of the partnership and the specific EV models planned for the Australian market. This move by Mahindra signifies a determined step toward a more sustainable and electrified automotive future. As the world watches the ongoing transformation of the automotive industry, collaborations like the one between Mahindra and BYD signal that the global race toward electrification continues to gain momentum.

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