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Mahindra launches iMAXX vehicle telematics system

Mahindra Truck and Bus (MTB), announced the launch of Mahindra iMAXX. This new vehicle telematics platform will fitted into Mahindra’s commercial vehicle, including the BLAZO X range of HCVs, FURIO range of ICVs & LCVs and CRUZIO range of buses.

The new Mahindra iMAXX technology, coupled with FUELSMART technology. In addition to location tracking based services and basic vehicle performance analysis, the Mahindra iMAXX provides:

  • Embedded Device Capability – The core capability of the Mahindra iMAXX embedded device is to soak up the large scale, high-frequency engine, and allied system data securely, and transmit on a real-time basis over 4G airwaves for server processing. To put this in perspective, the quantity of knowledge transmitted through the Mahindra iMAXX device from the vehicle is on average 600% above the previous generation telematics systems available in the market.
  • Digital Twin Platform – Once such an outsized amount of data comes into Mahindra iMAXX cloud servers, the machine learning algorithms and AI models put in place at the Mahindra iMAXX digital twin platform level helps provide accurate, reliable and predictive business and engineering insights. While most telematics solutions fetch and show vehicle data to customers without any further intelligence or analysis built-in, Mahindra iMAXX has the unique and unparalleled capability to feature machine intelligence to normal data for enhanced credibility, efficacy and reliability – a First in Indian CV industry.

To appreciate the power and uniqueness of this solution, and how this technology powers our service guarantees for customers, consider this actual case that occurred on one of the customer’s vehicle during Lockdown 1.0. The artificial intelligence built into the system which monitors multiple correlated vehicle parameters was able to predict an engine cooling system issue, 33 hours prior to it actually occurring on the vehicle i.e. vehicle sending a high coolant temperature fault code through its ECU. With the predictive alert available at the right time to our NOW 24X7 helpline and Uptime monitoring team and to the customer, coupled with the agility and timely action of the customer support team, a possible major vehicle breakdown was averted and the driver continued on the trip after minor repairs provided by our mobile service van.

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