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Megatronix & Trustonic provide advanced IVI & telematic security for connected vehicles

Trustonic announces that its security platform has been chosen by Tier 1 automotive service provider, Megatronix, to secure its intelligent operating system, SmartMega OS+, which brings next generation connected services to smart vehicles. The first vehicle model to integrate SmartMega OS+, the Hycan 007, is now on sale across China.

Megatronix’s SmartMega OS+ software has been designed to ensure the deployment and regular upgrade of new, customisable in-vehicle services to enable secure, reliable user experiences. SmartMega OS+ provides real-time cloud-based features which connect the vehicles to the outside world, and protects communications from the Telematic Control Unit (TCU) all the way through to the connected cloud.

 “It is essential that data, applications and services are all protected to ensure user trust. With SmartMega OS+ we have a unique offering for the world’s automotive market, a smart operating system that has security built-in by design. By integrating Trustonic’s world leading automotive security platform, our customers can focus on building rich services in the knowledge that they are fully protected. We are delighted that the first vehicle containing this technology, the Hycan 007, is now rolled out across China.”

 said Li Zhuang, Ph.d, CEO of Megatronix
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