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Mercedes-Benz Fleet Car Data now available via HIGH MOBILITY API

Following HIGH MOBILITY’s successful launch and execution of its role as Neutral Server for Mercedes-Benz’ Extended Vehicle Program, the car data marketplace announces its complementary collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH. Mercedes-Benz Fleet car data is now available via the Auto API, HIGH MOBILITY’s single and cross-OEM connected car API, in addition to the existing personal vehicle data which has been available to third party consumers since January 2019. 

As the data partner for Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, HIGH MOBILITY’s interface works with all connected Mercedes-Benz cars and vans and is likely to be of particular interest to leasing, rental, car subscription services, fleet operators and b2b insurance services as well as other services which work with mixed fleets of connected vehicles. The new data interface includes a large set of use cases, including Maintenance, Enhanced Insurance, Logbook, EV Charging and Fleet Geolocalisation.

“We’re excited by the opportunities this new collaboration brings to the fleet market, and our role in bringing data to these important services.” 


The main difference between HIGH MOBILITY’s role in the Extended Vehicle program for Mercedes-Benz and this latest collaboration as the data partner for Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services is that fleet owners can now control data access over their entire fleet and the data their vehicles share by providing holistic consent through a clearance interface. As part of the Extended Vehicle Program it is the individual vehicle owner who gives their consent for each third party application to access data from each individual vehicle. 

Data protection is always given the highest priority. Vehicle data is processed in a GDPR-compliant environment by control mechanisms and measures that are carried out on both the side of HIGH MOBILITY and that of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services.  The fleet customer always retains control of his own data.

The services outlined in the new collaboration range from insurance to vehicle maintenance. Enhanced insurance services will monitor the vehicle status to meet customer needs while logbook applications simplify record keeping for managers and drivers. Vehicle health and maintenance services enable the seamless prevention and reporting of issues with the vehicle before the driver has become aware of them. Enabling access to its vehicles’ data, once fleet owners’ consent is secured, demonstrates Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services’ desire to make fleet management and operation as efficient and effortless as possible. 

HIGH MOBILITY can offer third party fleet operators a standardised connected car API which enables fleet services based on cross OEM data. In addition, developers can work with true-to-life car emulators to test out their applications and services before going live in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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