MG Motor teams up with Epsilon for EV infrastructure boost

Date: April 22, 2021MG Motor India has announced a partnership with the Epsilon Group, on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and battery recycling processes in India. Epsilon Group is a collection of businesses that provides solutions for electric vehicles in India, including charging infrastructure and battery recycling, This collaboration includes agreements with two subsidiaries of the Epsilon Group: Power EV, which will focus on providing custom charging solutions, and LICO, which will offer battery recycling and second-life expertise.

Power EV is tasked with crafting cutting-edge charging solutions. They furnish a suite of AC and DC chargers ranging from 22kW to 120kW speeds, alongside Power Panel Management Software. These advancements are integral to MG Motor India’s ‘MG Charge’ program. The program pledges to install 1,000 charging points within 1,000 days across residential areas in India. LICO brings its expertise in battery recycling and repurposing to the table. They support MG Motor India’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations with comprehensive recycling services and certification. Moreover, this collaboration fuels ongoing research and development endeavors, aimed at refining recycling processes and exploring innovative second-life applications for batteries.

MG Motor India is bolstering its commitment to sustainable mobility. Simultaneously, the company is fostering a conducive environment for EV adoption through this strategic alliance. Power EV’s advanced charging technology, coupled with LICO’s recycling proficiency, positions the company to revolutionize the EV ecosystem in India. This initiative underscores MG Motor India’s dedication to driving positive change in the automotive industry. It also spearheads innovations that align with environmental sustainability goals, providing convenient charging solutions and ensuring responsible battery lifecycle management.

MG Motor India’s partnership underscores its commitment to sustainability. It also highlights its role in driving the development of a robust EV infrastructure in India. Moreover, the alliance with the Epsilon Group is a strategic move to realize a vision of efficient charging infrastructure that complements a circular economy through innovative second-life and end-of-life solutions for batteries.

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