Press Release

Michelin launches new tire range for electric buses

Starting May 1, Michelin will market its first range of electric bus tires that can also be adapted for use on traditional urban and suburban vehicles: MICHELIN X Incity EV Z. Initially designed for electric vehicles, the MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tire range is especially efficient when used on traditional buses.

While 5,000 electric buses are in use in Europe today, there will be ten times more on the road only five years from now. With this new tire range, Michelin is supporting the transition towards cleaner, more efficient and more independent electric mobility solutions. That is a key factor in achieving sustainable cities.

To handle the weight of electric buses, which are heavier due to their batteries, MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tires have an increased load capacity of up to 8 tonnes.

In the interest of continually enhancing safety, particular attention has been paid to protecting the tire sidewalls, as they are regularly in contact with sidewalk edges. A wear indicator on the side indicates when the tires need to be rotated.

Thanks to MICHELIN Regenion technology, the MICHELIN X Incity EV Z range is built with a progressive tread design that delivers longitudinal and lateral grip.

The 10% greater longevity of MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tires, combined with their 13% better rolling resistance and increased load capacity make a great combination for reducing fleet operating costs.

Michelin has decided on a standard size to facilitate fleet management: 275/70 R 22.5 152/149J.

Designed to be regroovable and retreadable, this range is marked 3PMSF, which attests to its high level of grip on snow-covered roads.

All of the MICHELIN X Incity EV Z tire’s performance features reflect the combined benefits of five main innovative, patented technologies.

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