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MiX Telematics launches driver scoring software-as-a-Service module

MiX Telematics announced that it has launched a pioneering, customizable driver scoring solution, available as a new module for customers that subscribe to their premium fleet solution, MiX Fleet Manager.

This solution provides users with the flexibility and advanced new algorithms they need in order to supercharge driver education and incentive programs, supported by scoring methodologies which will be adapted to the precise needs of organizations running fleets across the widest spectrum of industries and geographies.

Depending on their operational requirements, customers can choose precisely what should be included in their scoring models and the MiX algorithms automatically generate the results within the SaaS module.

This solution enables customers to select from a vast array of inputs ranging from driver performance indicators, risky driving events, hours of service violations, and productivity metrics such as departure and arrival times. This gives customers the power to tune their driver performance insights in accordance with their specific business challenges. The outcomes also seamlessly integrate with the MyMiX driver application to deliver a synergized experience for manager and drivers.

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