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MoEVing to lease EVs from Welectric for logistics sector

India: Electric two-wheeler mobility start-up Welectric on Monday (3 May 2021), said it has partnered with MoEVing, another start-up working in the electrification of logistics sector, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in last-mile delivery operations.

Under the partnership, Welectric will provide 1,000 electric two-wheelers (e2Ws) on lease with after-sales and maintenance support to MoEVing.

To kick-off the partnership, Welectric is delivering 60 e2Ws to MoEVing in Bangalore. Both companies plan to scale up this partnership to over 1,000 e2Ws across major cities in India in the next few quarters, the two companies said in a statement.

Commenting on the partnership, Welectric Founder and CEO Vikas Jain said, “this partnership will allow moEVing to grow their business in an asset-light model without worrying about maintenance or aftermarket of their electric 2Ws.”

Welectric’s fast-growing B2B business is helping it forge strong industry partnerships and build expertise around performance and maintenance of e2Ws of different brands, he added.

MoEVing Founder & CEO Vikash Mishra said, “we will hit the 1,000 EV target very soon and hope to sign up for the next 10,000 EVs with Welectric. This asset-light approach helps us scale up the electric mobility transition in the last mile delivery space across the country.”

While Welectric focuses on solving finance, maintenance and aftermarket challenges for e2Ws, MoEVing is building a technology platform to accelerate electrification of the entire logistics space (2W, 3W and 4Ws) through an integrated approach of demand aggregation, supply optimisation, and connected charging infrastructure, the statement said.

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