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Toyota unveils inclusive electric mobility for Paris Olympic 2024

Toyota has unveiled two inclusive mobility products to transport people at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. Accessible People Movers (APMs) and wheelchair e-pullers will facilitate free, sustainable, and safe movement for athletes, their families, staff, volunteers, and spectators during the Games.

Accessible People Mover (APM)

Toyota believes in ‘Mobility for All’. The APM is the latest illustration of this vision. Designers created the vehicle to provide last-mile service and transport people with accessibility needs.

During the Games, Toyota plans to deploy around 250 APMs to facilitate the transportation of athletes, visitors, and staff around various facilities, including places where events or competitions occur and other official sites such as the athletes’ village. The uses for APM include:

  • Transporting athletes, organisers, volunteers, and spectators with physical disabilities or with walking difficulties, including wheelchair users
  • Moving small goods across the Games
  • Emergency relief.

The APM is a battery electric vehicle. Toyota Motor Europe designed it in Belgium, and Toyota Caetano will produce it in Portugal. Vehicle production is set to begin in February 2024.

APM – main specifications
Range62 miles
Max speed (km/h)12.4mph

Wheelchair e-puller

Toyota co-developed the wheelchair e-puller to further its vision of Mobility for all at the Paralympic Games Paris 2024. The wheelchair e-puller converts a classic mechanical wheelchair into a battery-powered electric mobility solution, giving more freedom of movement to wheelchair users.

Austrian mobility startup Klaxon, specializing in creating products to facilitate easy and independent movement for people with wheelchairs, has developed the wheelchair e-puller.

The wheelchair e-puller will be made available during Paris 2024:

  • 50 units will be available for use within the Paralympic Village, for shared mobility via the KINTO Mobility App. To use the equipment, fit a bracket to the user’s wheelchair.
  • National Paralympic Committees, athletes, and staff at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony will use at least 150 units.

Limit the speed of the e-puller during the Paralympic Opening Ceremony when using it in the Paralympic Village. Its average range will be 15.5 miles.

Wheelchair e-puller – main specifications
Range15.5 miles
Max speed (km/h)1.8-2.5mph during the Opening Ceremony 3.7-5mph in the Paralympic Village

Toyota’s visual identity at Paris 2024

During the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, all Toyota vehicles, including the electrified fleet and advanced mobility solutions, will adopt a specially designed visual identity, highlighting the strong partnership between Toyota and the Games. This will also emphasise Toyota’s multipath strategy, where each of the technologies present at the Games will be identifiable through dedicated colours.

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