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Momenta and Toyota to collaborate on automated HD mapping

Momenta has announced a strategic cooperation with Toyota to provide automated HD mapping and updates through vision-based technologies. Both companies aim to promote the commercialization of Toyota’s Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) in the China market.

Momenta’s vision-based HD mapping uses low-cost consumer-grade sensor sets, which consist of camera, GPS, and IMU to automatically generate HD maps with 10cm level relative accuracy by using technologies such as deep-learning based perception, SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), etc. Momenta’s HD map not only includes rich geometry features, such as traffic signs, poles, lane borders, traffic lights, road markings but also generates road level & lane level topology and semantic features. By processing big data through automated mapping pipeline, the HD map can be updated with high frequency, thus provides a “live”, reliable map for different autonomous driving modules such as localization, planning and control.

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