Autonomous Vehicle

Baidu unveils the first robocar at Baidu World 2021

Baidu unveiled its first robocar at Baidu World 2021, its annual flagship technology conference. The robocar has no steering wheel as the tech giant envisions that future vehicles will be more like robots.

The robocar is equipped with L5 autonomous driving capabilities, which is claimed to be safer than human drivers. With multi-mode interaction, such as voice and face recognition ability, the vehicle can analyze customers’ potential needs to offer relevant services. Besides, the robocar can also self-learn many things and continue to upgrade, making it capable to serve various scenarios.

The vehicle looks futuristic with a falcon-wing door, glass roof and exterior sensors integrated together. Inside the vehicle, there is no steering wheel, pedals, but it is mounted with such intelligent devices as a large screen, intelligent console. By the end of June, Baidu Apollo L4 autonomous driving vehicles have run 7.5 million test miles, up 152% year over year. Apollo has received 278 autonomous driving permits and has over 2900 patents.

Besides, Baidu also launched its upgraded autonomous driving service platform, Luobo Kuaipao to accelerate the commercial operation of its autonomous driving services.

Baidu also announced that it has started to mass-produce the Kunlun II, its 2nd-gen AI chip. With 7 nm process technology, the chip, boasting top computational capability which is over two-three times that of the previous generation, can be used in autonomous driving, smart traffic, smart assistants and other areas.

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