Autonomous Vehicle

NavInfo, Inceptio Technology to team up on HD map for L3 autonomous trucks

NavInfo recently entered into a partnership with Inceptio Technology to provide its HD (high-definition) map and relevant services for the latter’s autonomous driving commercial vehicles (CVs), which will go into volume production at the end of 2021.

Under the agreement, NavInfo will supply Inceptio Technology with the one-stop mapping service OneMap by integrating its truck maps, ADAS maps and HD maps, helping the latter build an autonomous CV fleet focusing on truck road logistics business. Specifically, the navigation map tailor made for trucks can support long-distance travels nationwide. The HD map features the lane-level navigation and positioning accuracy for highways and can assist onboard high-precision sensors with perception.

NI-Horizon will translate the specific ADAS map data into vehicle-usable information which takes more active control of the vehicle through ADASIS protocol to achieve a more energy-efficient, safer and comfortable driving experience. Using the energy-saving algorithm and vehicle control technologies from Inceptio Technology, NI-Horizon will deliver lightweight and fuel-saving driver assistance functions.

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