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MyKaarma & Logitrac partner for streamlined automotive services

myKaarma, the customer interaction management solution for fixed operations and Logitrac, the innovative fleet management provider, announced integration touchpoints to once again improve the service experience for vehicle owners and dealership employees.

The partnership is a completely integrated solution. It is now possible to access Logitrac through a built-in tab in the myKaarma application. All Logitrac features, such as pucks, zones, alerts, and charges for tolls, are a click away. Users do not need to sign into a separate system.

Dealership employees can access all features the same way they would access native myKaarma features at customer arrival. These features include check-in, vehicle walk-around videos, payments pre-authorizations, mobile payments, and more.

“We thrilledly announce this partnership to our dealer base,” said Ujj Nath, CEO and founder of myKaarma, “with this integration, dealers can eliminate costly time and expense at their loaner car desk. They can provide a streamlined experience between a service advisor and vehicle owner. Moreover, by reducing duplication of work, everything works faster and more efficiently. During peak times, the service advisor can directly handle the loaner car.”

Michael Harrell, CEO and Founder of Logitrac, echoed Nath’s sentiments, emphasizing the seamless integration of Logitrac’s fleet management platform into myKaarma. Logitrac can now provide all the benefits of its platform within the myKaarma solution. Moreover, this aligns seamlessly with the workflow of service advisors, leveraging myKaarma’s advanced APIs.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, myKaarma and Logitrac remain at the forefront. They are driving innovation and excellence in dealership operations.

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