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Qualcomm’s posts robust revenue in automotive segment

Date: February 12, 2024.Qualcomm’s Automotive has posted a 31% year-over-year revenue surge in its automotive segment, reaching $531 million in the last quarter.

Qualcomm’s income is still largely from smartphones, constituting around 80%. The company heavily depends on a rebound in smartphone sales in 2024. It foresees a 5% sales rise this year, gauged from early-year guidance. However, more initiatives are necessary to revitalize the consumer electronics market, particularly PCs and laptops.

Qualcomm’s automotive division has shown impressive performance, particularly when compared to its peers in advanced driver-assist systems and other automotive technology suppliers, who have reported less favorable results.

Qualcomm distinguishes itself in the realm of autonomous driving technology through its diversified product portfolio. This contrasts with the singular focus of competitors like Mobileye and Nvidia on ADAS and self-driving solutions. Offering chips for infotainment, connectivity, and various other functionalities, it ensures stability and risk mitigation. Additionally, its adept navigation of the chip shortage showcases Qualcomm’s supply chain expertise, potentially granting them a production advantage over competitors affected by supply chain disruptions.

Qualcomm’s recent performance is a shot across the bow for its competitors. However, it’s too early to declare them the winner. The long-term race in the automotive chip market will depend on sustained growth, navigating market shifts, and maintaining a competitive edge.

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