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BorgWarner partners with FinDreams Battery for LFP battery packs

Date: February 12, 2024.BorgWarner, an automotive and e-mobility supplier, announced a partnership with FinDreams Battery, a subsidiary of BYD, to accelerate the adoption of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs in commercial vehicles. Under this agreement, BorgWarner will exclusively manufacture LFP battery packs for commercial vehicles using Findreams Battery Blade cells for markets in Europe, the Americas, and select regions of Asia Pacific. The agreement is for 8 years.

FinDreams Battery will supply BorgWarner with their advanced Blade LFP cells. Renowned for their unique cell-to-pack design, these cells eliminate module complexity and enhance energy density. Additionally, BorgWarner will access FinDreams’ battery pack design and manufacturing processes. This will further accelerate their integration into the LFP ecosystem.

FinDreams Battery specializes in the development and production of LFP batteries. FinDreams caters to diverse sectors such as electric vehicles (xEVs), energy storage systems, and consumer electronics. Notably, their “Blade” LFP cell technology stands out for its design, featuring a cell-to-pack structure that simplifies modules, enhances energy density, and ensures superior safety. With a track record of passing rigorous testing conditions without thermal runaway, these batteries offer a longer lifespan and greater cost-effectiveness compared to traditional NCA batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) offers exceptional safety due to its stable chemistry, significantly reducing the risk of thermal runaway incidents. With a lifespan ranging from 2,750 to 12,000 cycles, it surpasses other lithium-ion options in durability. Moreover, its cost-effectiveness is notable, especially considering its extended lifespan. With a wider operating temperature range, it proves versatile for diverse environments.

The partnership is expected to benefit both companies significantly. BorgWarner gains access to a rapidly growing market segment and advanced LFP technology, while FinDreams expands its reach and leverages BorgWarner’s established global manufacturing network. This collaboration is ready to play a critical role in advancing the adoption of LFP batteries. It is also accelerating the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions.

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