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myQ Connected Garage to be deployed in My Mitsubishi Connect in North America

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross drivers will be the first to experience in-dash garage access control through the My Mitsubishi Connect App

Chamberlain Group and Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. announced myQ® Connected Garage is now part of the My Mitsubishi Connect platform of innovative services. myQ, a dynamic technology platform developed by Chamberlain Group that enables seamless smart access control, provides automakers like Mitsubishi Motors with the ability to integrate Smart Vehicle Access within their own connected service platform so drivers can safely open and close their garage door through convenient in-dash touchscreen control.

Available through Android Auto, Eclipse Cross drivers with the My Mitsubishi Connect app and a myQ connected garage door opener, can seamlessly transition garage control to their in-vehicle touchscreen. Additional in-dash garage control features will become available later in the year through both Android Auto and the addition of Apple CarPlay.

Smart Vehicle Access provides a seamless, connected experience between the car and the home, which starts with having a myQ connected garage. A myQ connected garage allows homeowners to secure, monitor and control the garage door from a smartphone through the myQ app or from the in-dash display of a vehicle through the My Mitsubishi Connect app using Android Auto™.  To get in-dash garage control, simply go to your My Mitsubishi Connect app and on the “Services” page, select “myQ Connected Garage.”

The integration of myQ Connected Garage and the My Mitsubishi Connect app is made possible by the Aeris Mobility Suite (AMS), an end-to-end connected vehicle software suite purpose-built to help automotive OEMs win in a connected world. AMS enables companies like Mitsubishi Motors to rapidly deploy new connected vehicle programs globally, and to upgrade existing software infrastructure to improve customer engagement and retention—all within one year, and at the lowest possible cost.

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