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Navistar launches Intelligent Fleet Care

Standard Suite of Connected Solutions is Most Comprehensive in the Industry

Navistar International Corporation has launched Intelligent Fleet Care, a suite of connected vehicle solutions, which will be standard for its new on-highway vehicles ordered starting December 15.

Intelligent Fleet Care builds on OnCommand® Connection advanced remote diagnostics and its International® 360 fleet management platform. Along with these capabilities, Intelligent Fleet Care adds multiple solutions that are driven by vehicle performance and telematics data:

  • Fleet Health Monitoring that delivers greater uptime by helping fleets avoid roadside breakdowns and derate events.
  • Advanced Preventive Maintenance that delivers maintenance cost savings through more efficient preventive maintenance planning and fewer premature oil changes.
  • Advanced Fuel Analytics, a new premium tool that helps fleets identify opportunities for increased fuel efficiency through driver coaching.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Reporting, a new premium tire pressure management solution that enables fleet- and driver-level visibility to TPMS data, helping to ensure that vehicles are being operated safely, with optimal fuel efficiency and longer tire life.
  • Over the Air Programming, which provides unlimited programmable parameter updates and enables vehicle software calibration updates without taking vehicles out of service.
  • Gateway Integrations, which enable the use of Navistar’s factory-installed telematics device to provide access to select third-party fleet management tools of the customer’s choice, saving up to $500 in upfront hardware costs.

All these data-driven solutions are included as standard for five years on new International® LT® Series, International® RH Series and International® LoneStar® models. Depending on the application, it’s estimated that fleets can save over $12,000 per vehicle over those five years.

Ciesielski cited four key differences in International’s approach to connected technology and remote diagnostics that are reflected in International® Intelligent Fleet Care, including:

  • Serves all makes. International is the only OEM that provides a single-source view for all-makes fleets.
  • Most integrated. International is the first and only OEM that integrates data from more than 28 telematics providers.
  • Most customer-centric. International offers easy-to-use interfaces with tools that are built around how fleets operate, maintain and service their fleet.
  • Most comprehensive. International offers the industry’s most complete set of connected solutions, which are standard for five years on new on-highway trucks.

Aftermarket subscriptions for Advanced Preventive Maintenance and Fleet Health Monitoring are available for existing vehicles as well.

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