Press Release

New BMW M4 – Factory-fitted with Tires from Continental

BMW is relying on SportContact 6 tires from Continental as original equipment for the new M4. The SportContact 6 has been developed in particular for sporty vehicles and is especially designed for handling, precision and driving stability at high speeds. In addition, it has been rated best in the EU tire label in the wet grip category, meaning that it is particularly convincing in terms of braking performance on wet roads. Continental received global approvals for the dimensions 275/40 ZR18 (103Y) XL and 285/35 ZR19 (103Y) XL.

“As the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, tires play an essential role in providing an optimal driving experience without compromise,” said Dr. Holger Lange, head of tire development for Continental’s original equipment business. “Our engineers develop OE tires that perfectly match the respective vehicle model and thus optimally support the car’s performance. To capture the specific requirements, Continental works closely with vehicle manufacturers on tire development.”

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