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New RF Module for higher CA/MIMO and NR-U support

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the launch on January 21, 2022 of its new modular RF hardware upgrade 0.4-7.125GHz Enhanced RF Module MT8000A-033 option for the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, leveraging the modular architecture to facilitate extended all-in-one 5G NR test coverage. The functionality of existing MT8000A units can be upgraded using this new RF module.

With its built-in RF transceiver (up to 16 Tx and 8 Rx), it supports carrier aggregation over four bands for 5G 4×4 MIMO SA and New Radio Dual Connectivity (NR-DC), which combines FR1 and FR2 component carriers to achieve higher bandwidth. In addition, as an industry first, one measurement instrument now supports the various required R&D testing, including increasingly complex uplink tests.

Furthermore, it also covers the FR1 band, the MT8000A platform with this new RF module also covers future NR-U and licensed 6-GHz bands for flexible testing of various frequency-band combinations to improve test efficiency and optimize R&D capital investment.

This would enable Chipset manufacturers to deliver advanced 5G features suitable for smart factory, industrial automation, smart city, and autonomous vehicle applications.

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