Autonomous Vehicle

NI and Konard Technologies sign agreement to accelerate autonomous vehicle test

NI, manufacture and supply measurement and automation products, and Konrad Technologies (KT), provide solutions to support the development, test, validation and mass production of electronic devices and sensors for the consumer electronics and automotive markets, announced they have entered into a strategic agreement to develop test systems and solutions for autonomous driving software and hardware validation. Together, they are planning to deliver new technologies to help automotive Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs leverage real-world road data and simulation, to help improve vehicle and passenger safety and bring the promise of autonomous driving to the roads faster.

By combining NI’s software-connected test solutions with KT’s expertise in system integration and solution delivery for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) test, the two companies expect to streamline validation to accelerate the shift to self-driving cars. While the plan is that the test solutions will scale across fleet management, data utilization and sensor test, initial solutions will focus on high bandwidth data recording and hardware-in-the-loop test systems for testing ADAS and AD software algorithms.

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