OSRAM’s PERCEPT LiDAR platform to have LeddarTech LiDAR components

LeddarTech® and OSRAM have entered into a long-term agreement. LeddarTech will provide their LiDAR hardware and software components into OSRAM’s PERCEPT™ LiDAR platform.

The PERCEPT LiDAR platform is a flexible solid-state LiDAR platform engineered with a strict focus on industrialization and automotive qualification. This partnership targets to deliver the automotive-grade ADAS and eventually fully autonomous driving systems at mass-market pricing.

OSRAM’s PERCEPT LiDAR integrates LeddarTech’s LeddarEngine™, which is comprised of a family of highly integrated system-on-chips and related LiDAR measurement software that are ISO 26262 and significantly reduces system cost and development time.

OSRAM and LeddarTech will also collaborate to deliver perception software solutions that deliver an enhanced 3D environmental model using the PERCEPT LiDAR. These solutions will be based on LeddarTech’s perception technology, including raw data sensor fusion. This technology further contributes to deliver enhanced and cost-efficient ADAS systems through the fusion of cost-efficient LiDAR, cameras, and radar and with lower overall system computing power.

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