Ola resumes electric bike-taxi service in Bengaluru

Date: September 18, 2023.Ola has announced the arrival of its electric bike taxi service in Bengaluru. The company will deploy its own S1 electric scooters, which it just presented in August 2023, as bike taxis in the city.

Ola bike-taxi was initially launched in 2016. After temporarily pausing its bike-taxi operations to focus on its electric vehicle strategy, Ola has relaunched it bike-taxi.

The bike taxi service prices the ride at $25 for 5 kilometers and $50 for 10 kilometers. It is one of the most cheap and environmentally responsible ways of transportation for Bengalureans. The S1 scooters, according to Ola, have a range of 181 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 115 kilometers per hour.

Ola has previously operated bike taxis in Bengaluru, but this is the company’s first time using electric vehicles for this service. The company’s goal is to improve last-mile connection for Bengaluru residents while also lowering the city’s carbon footprint.

Ola’s decision to reintroduce bike-taxis aligns with the growing demand for convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation options in Bengaluru. With traffic congestion and pollution being persistent challenges, the S1 Electric Scooter aims to address both issues simultaneously.

Karnataka already enacted electric bike taxi legislation scheduled for implementation in July 2021. Subject to certain requirements and rules, the policy authorizes licensed operators to operate electric bike taxis in the state. Incentives and subsidies are also provided for electric car makers and users under the scheme.

However, the electric bike taxi service’s debut displeases not everyone. Bengaluru’s car and taxi associations have been urging the state government to prohibit bike taxis in the city, citing safety and legal concerns. Moreover, they claim that bike taxis are dangerous for female passengers and operate illegally with white board registration plates.

The launch of Ola’s electric bike taxi service is expected to spark fresh competition and innovation in India’s transportation sector. It will also provide a new choice for city travelers looking for a quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

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