Opus IVS unveils groundbreaking ADAS map

Detroit, October 25, 2023 — Opus IVS™, has introduced ADAS Map, which provides a comprehensive platform for identifying ADAS systems, their components, precise component locations, necessary calibrations, and the underlying reasons for these calibrations. It automatically reviews CCC or Mitchell estimates and provides a detailed presentation of a specific vehicle’s ADAS requirements. Seamlessly integrated with CCC, Mitchell, Opus IVS DriveSafe. The Opus IVS CoPilot platforms, ADAS Map streamlines the entire calibration process with unprecedented efficiency.

One of the key features of ADAS Map is its automated reporting system. Moreover, it swiftly places pertinent information in the CCC attachments tab, ensuring a seamless workflow. Additionally, the integration with Alldata further solidifies ADAS Map. The ultimate go-to solution for comprehensive automotive diagnostic and calibration needs.

The benefits of ADAS Map are far-reaching. They bring a host of advantages to both technicians and businesses within the automotive industry. Improved accuracy in estimating and repair planning empowers technicians to focus on what they do best. Coupled with a significant reduction in ADAS calibration research time, this enables them to provide top-tier service to their customers.

Furthermore, the streamlined process facilitated by ADAS Map is projected to lead to an increase in the sales of ADAS services and calibrations. This allows businesses to tap into new revenue streams and solidify their position in a highly competitive market.

Opus IVS continues to set the standard for innovation in the automotive industry. The launch of ADAS Map is yet another testament to its commitment to providing cutting-edge, reliable, and intuitive solutions for the evolving needs of modern vehicles. With ADAS Map, Opus IVS is shaping the future of automotive diagnostics and calibration. Moreover, it pavs the way for a more efficient, accurate, and customer-centric approach to ADAS maintenance and repair.

Experience the difference at SEMA in Las Vegas

Opus IVS will showcase this technology and many other award-winning new product offerings at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to run October 31 – November 3 in Las Vegas. Moreover, stop by booth #31131 in the South Upper Hall for a product demonstration.  

Opus IVS, an Opus Group division, combines industry leaders DrewTech, Autologic, Farsight, BlueLink, Auto Techcelerators, and AutoEnginuity to create innovative automotive solutions for 65,000+ global repair shops and dealerships. Furthermore, our expertise spans OEM-endorsed diagnostic tech with 100+ pending patents in remote flash programming, pre- and post-repair scanning, ADAS calibrations, and vehicle networks. Opus IVS offers remote technical support connecting shops with 100+ brand-specific Dealer Master Technicians for trouble code interpretation, OEM service procedures, and diagnostics. Part of the Opus Group with 2,900+ employees and 35 global offices, we test 35M vehicles annually for OBD compliance.

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