oToBrite unveils ADAS line for safer commercial vehicles

HSINCHU, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — oToBrite, has introduced its ADAS product portfolio for heavy commercial vehicles including Blind Spot Information System (BSIS, UN R151), Moving Off Information System(MOIS, UN R159) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

Given that heavy commercial vehicles are more likely to be involved in fatal collisions for vulnerable road users (VRU), the latest European Union General Safety Regulations (GSR) have imposed strict standards on heavy commercial vehicles. These standards include BSIS, MOIS, DMS, and other regulations. Japan has also adopted the same regulation for heavy commercial vehicles staring from BSIS UN R151. Businesses that comply with these regulations can benefit from tax incentives and installation subsidies. The whole idea is to make road safety toward vision zero, and oToBrite endeavors to make it come true.

oToBrite BSIS can provide drivers the information signal of VRU. These include pedestrians and two-wheelers within the blind spot area before making turn to reduce accidents. Besides, the product can expand MOIS by adding one additional camera to comply with UN R159 at the same time. With vision-AI technology, the product can handle complex urban traffic environments such as occluded VRU, a group of VRU, VRU near traffic signal pole, etc.

Besides, oToBrite vision-AI DMS leverages self-developed 3D facial landmark technology to identify drivers and classify driver behavior, including smoking, using phone, distraction, and fatigue. It even support drivers wearing level 3 sunglasses and coated glasses.

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