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Pepsi unveils Tesla truck range and charging speed

Date: August 14, 2023. – PepsiCo revealed the astonishing range and lightning-fast charging capabilities of Tesla Truck. The partnership between the beverage giant PepsiCo and electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has resulted in a technological marvel. This innovation holds the potential to reshape the future of transportation.

Pepsico Group and its subsidiary Frito-Lay have integrated 36 electric trucks from Tesla into their delivery fleet. Pepsi facility in Sacramento, California, primarily uses these vehicles for local deliveries covering distances of up to approximately 160 kilometers. The collaboration between Pepsico and Tesla began at the close of 2022, with Pepsico taking possession of 21 of these electric trucks, while Frito-Lay received an additional 15 units.

Although predominantly used for localized deliveries under 100 miles (roughly 161 kilometers), some Tesla trucks have been utilized for longer journeys of up to 450 miles (about 724 kilometers). Impressively, even when carrying substantial loads, these electric vehicles boast an impressive range. The official manufacturer data indicates a consumption of “less than two kilowatt hours per mile,” defying consumption rate expectations. Encouragingly, a Pepsi manager mentioned that the average consumption is even lower at less than 1.7 kilowatt hours per mile.

Nonetheless, a few queries still linger. According to “TeslaMag,” conflicting information has surfaced regarding the charging speed of these electric trucks. Tesla claims a 30-minute charging time to reach 70 percent battery capacity. However, input from Pepsi employees varies, ranging from 20 to 45 minutes.

People are eagerly anticipating mid-September, when we expect to receive more comprehensive data about Tesla’s electric trucks.

In an era where environmental consciousness and sustainable practices are paramount, Pepsico’s strategic partnership with Tesla is a commendable stride towards reducing carbon footprints in the transportation industry. As commercial vehicles electrification gathers momentum, these initial results showcase the potential for transformative change in the transportation of goods. They demonstrate that sustainable solutions are not only feasible but also efficient.

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