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Point One Navigation Joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program

Point One Navigation’s Precise Positioning now Available for Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers using ST’s Products, Technologies and Solutions Available for Both GNSS and L-Band Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2023

Point One Navigation today announced that it has joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program to deliver reliable navigation and positioning solutions for a diverse spectrum of ST customers in the US and Western Europe. By implementing Point One’s API software and proven RTK network, developers using ST Teseo GNSS Solutions now have a quicker and easier path to create the industry’s most accurate precision navigation solutions. Targeted applications include agriculture, construction, last-mile delivery, and even autonomous vehicles such as cars, trucks and robo-taxis.

Point One’s Polaris Cloud™ is an innovative correction network that enables high-precision GPS and computer vision-based localization, while allowing the customer to choose the performance and price point that best fits their application. ST Teseo GNSS Solutions can be used directly with Polaris Cloud to provide centimeter-level accuracy.

In more challenging urban environments, Point One’s FusionEngine software further integrates cameras and additional sensors to achieve almost any desired level of precision, even in the complete absence of satellite signals. With coverage throughout the US and most of Western Europe, Polaris Cloud provides a widely available solution for precision localization today.

“An ST Authorized Partner, Point One Navigation makes it possible for ST customers to more easily integrate highly accurate positioning solutions with ST’s industry leading GNSS receivers, IMUs and processors for applications operating in the US and Western Europe,” said Aaron Nathan, Point One’s CEO and co-founder. “Our easy API’s, Solid State Representation (SSR) models, and international RTK corrections networks make it possible for OEMs and manufacturers to efficiently develop highly accurate and reliable precision navigation solutions for a wide range of vehicles and machines, including autonomous off-road vehicles, cars and trucks.”

“We only select proven technology solutions to welcome into the ST Partner Program. Point One has demonstrated the knowledge and expertise to meet design time-to-market challenges across the full ST device-based ecosystem of products and services,” Alessandro Maloberti, Partner Ecosystem Director, STMicroelectronics. “By selecting, qualifying, and certifying ST Authorized Partners, customers know that the partners they engage have the expertise to accelerate their design and development activities and ensure they ship the most robust and efficient products and services to market.”


Point One Navigation, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Boston, specializes in building precise location services with accuracy down to a few centimeters at a cost 100x less than existing solutions. State of the art sensor fusion techniques and a proprietary network of sensors enable Point One to determine location with unrivaled precision and cost. To learn more about Point One Navigation and its products, visit:


STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications created the ST Partner Program to speed customer development efforts by identifying and highlighting to them companies with complementary products and services. Moreover, the program’s certification process assures that all partners are periodically vetted for quality and competence. For more information, please

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