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Qmerit partners with Fermata Energy to accelerate Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions for commercial, multi-family and utility customers

Qmerit, the leading provider of turnkey implementation solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging and other electric-powered technologies, and Fermata Energy, a leading vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology services provider, announced a new partnership to support acceleration of mainstream EV adoption and V2X technology. Through the partnership, Qmerit will install and service Fermata Energy products for commercial buildings across the country.

Fermata Energy’s next-generation V2X system, comprised of a UL certified bidirectional EV charger and accompanying proprietary energy management software platform, helps customers dispatch power from stored energy in EV batteries directly back into the grid (V2G), building (V2B), or home (V2H). This functionality turns EVs into energy storage resources, and in the process, unlocks and monetizes the massive energy storage potential of EVs.

Along with providing turnkey implementation solutions through their national network of certified electrification technology installers, Qmerit will use its proprietary digital services platform to help Fermata Energy customers efficiently plan and schedule installation work.

“Partnering with Fermata Energy will help Qmerit advance our mission of accelerating the clean energy transition by making electrification easy for all stakeholders, including technology leaders, utilities and their customers, we see V2X as the future for EVs” said Tracy K. Price, founder and CEO of Qmerit. “In addition, this partnership presents commercial owner occupied buildings with an opportunity to save energy while leveraging the rapid adoption of their employees’ electric vehicles as well as their own fleets.”

“We are excited to be able to partner with Qmerit at this transformative stage of our growth,” said David Slutzky, founder and CEO of Fermata Energy. “Their digital services platform and network of certified installers will help us to scale and deliver our full range of V2X solutions to customers across the country.”

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