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Qualcomm selects Cubic Telecom as its connected software partner

Qualcomm has strengthened its partnership with Cubic Telecom by selecting the telecommunications company as its connected software technology partner. In this new phase of the partnership, Cubic’s connected software solution will be used to enable and enhance Qualcomm’s Car-to-Cloud offerings.

Cubic’s Plxor, Insights, and Pace products will enable Qualcomm to extend the reach of its cloud-based services on Snapdragon chipset modules to OEMs around the world.

Likewise, Cubic’s Pace platform will provide OEMs with a range of functions – including Qualcomm’s cloud-based lifecycle management, over-the-air updates, and on-demand feature activations. The products spawned from the collaboration will be based on a single embedded software solution – allowing for widespread compatibility and compliance across local markets.

Qualcomm has said that the solution created from its Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services and Cubic’s software will provide a single point of control for global out-of-the-box connectivity on Qualcomm Telematics SOC-based NAD modules with support for bundled data and services.

Ultimately, through their collaboration, both firms are looking to provide OEMs with a turnkey integrated digital cockpit solution. Through this, connected, configurable, system Cubic and Qualcomm hope to enable a turnkey, integrated digital cockpit solution alongside enhanced service, infotainment, and upgrade opportunities.

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