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Electreon aligns with Jacobs to grow U.S. wireless EV charging infrastructure

Electreon, the leading provider of wireless and in-road wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, announced a strategic collaboration with global technical professional services firm Jacobs. The companies will join forces on select wireless EV charging projects across the United States, for industry leading fleet operators including city and state authorities, as Electreon aims to bring its cutting-edge charging solutions to roads and facilities around the world.

“This collaboration with Jacobs marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter as Electreon increases our presence across the United States,” said Oren Ezer, co-founder and CEO, Electreon. “Aligning ourselves with Jacobs allows Electreon to continuously realize opportunities for growth and expansion. We are looking forward to continued collaboration with the Jacobs team in Michigan and beyond!”

Jacobs has demonstrated its commitment to investing in leading-edge technologies. Most recently, Jacobs completed acquisitions of mobility analytics pioneer StreetLight Data Inc. and edge computing analytics provider BlackLynx, and entered into a strategic relationship with Microgrid Labs Inc, a software and consulting company specializing in planning commercial fleet electrification and microgrids.

“Continuing to collaborate with Electreon is exciting and directly supports Jacobs’ focus on instilling and sustaining innovation in our company culture and the solutions we provide,” said Jacobs Vice President and Global Transportation Market Director Patrick King. “Jacobs is committed to providing our transportation clients with access to innovative, technology-enabled solutions for the specific challenges they face – from congestion mitigation to carbon emission reduction, to full fleet electrification.”

This news is a continuation of a successful collaboration between Electreon and Jacobs in securing a project implementing the first public electric road system for wireless EV charging in the U.S. In February, Electreon announced it was awarded a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) contract for a dynamic wireless charging pilot program in downtown Detroit—a project supported by Jacobs among many others such as Ford Motor Co., NextEnergy, and the City of Detroit. In keeping with

Jacobs’ commitment to support innovation aligned to its Beyond If accelerators, the company intends to invest in Electreon to demonstrate its commitment to the EV ecosystem.

To date, Electreon’s patented technology has been integrated with a wide range of vehicles, as part of its ongoing collaborations with auto manufacturers including Renault, Stellantis, Iveco, and Volkswagen. In November, Electreon’s wireless charging technology was named one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021.

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