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Quantron AG relaunches brand, corporate identity and designs

Quantron AG is breaking new ground to underscore its forward-looking pioneering role in the field of zero-emission commercial vehicles. On its way to becoming an OEM, the e-mobility pioneer is carrying out a comprehensive rebranding.

To underscore QUANTRON’s evolution into an OEM, Quantron is completing an evolutionary rebranding with an updated corporate identity and bold design. Part of the new corporate DNA are specially designed signature elements such as a new QUANTRON logo, new QUANTRON lettering and the “Absolute Zero Blue” color code. This also underscores the focus on Hydrogen (H2) technologies and vehicles in 2022, strengthened by the strategic partnership through Ballard Power (Canada). The zero-emission specialists also underline their brand positioning as pioneers in the field of e-mobility and hydrogen mobility systems with their brand-new slogan “Empower the Future”. This represents the company’s core values: “Reliable – Energetic – Brave” and QUANTRON’s goal to create a more sustainable future through reliable zero-emission mobility solutions. To achieve this, the company relies on proven and safe technologies as the basis for innovative and future-changing mobility.

The CEO of Quantron AG, Andreas Haller, explains: “The values ‘Reliable – Energetic – Brave’ have accompanied us for 140 years. We continue to build on these attributes by contributing to sustainable decarbonization in freight and passenger transport with our zero-emission mobility solutions.”

Michael Perschke, CEO adds, “We are building the QUANTRON brand to be synonymous with zero-emission transportation solutions worldwide – be it through our refit expertise, which we will expand even further as ‘QUANTRON Inside’, or our own products, which we can implement faster and more cost effectively than some of our competitors through an active platform sharing strategy.”

The rebranding was created under the motto QUANTRON VISION 2025 with the help of the expertise of Italian star designer Fabio Filippini and the team of MORMEDI, the leading Spanish global design agency for design strategy & product innovation side by side with QUANTRON’s design and strategy team.

To create the next stage of QUANTRON’s future, the dedicated group of experts is developing an independent vehicle design for its complete global vehicle program. The first QUANTRON vehicle, the all-electric Cizaris city bus, provides a glimpse of the new concept. Among other things, the new corporate design is reflected in blue highlights and a sophisticated use of the new brand logo in various details of the vehicle. The three-part intermittent “running light indicators” in the nose are also a particular eye-catcher – a symbol of QUANTRON’s three brand values.

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