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Rekor Systems to provide connected vehicle ecosystem in North Carolina

Rekor Systems, Inc. in collaboration with North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will provide connected vehicle ecosystem, for NCDOT’s Automated Actionable Road Anomalies (AARA) project.

NCDOT’s AARA project is designed to provide hands-free, eye-free alerts to a motorist about the imminent need to slow down or change lanes on freeways. Rekor has been selected as a key partner to provide NCDOT with its Connected Vehicle Ecosystem technology to support dynamic traffic operations, congestion management, mitigation, proactive incident, and roadway intelligence through its cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology. The groundbreaking technology will allow NCDOT to manage traffic flow better, reduce congestion, and improve safety on North Carolina’s roadways.

RekorOne™, the AI and technology behind the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem, will provide NCDOT and partners with a comprehensive picture of the roadway by synthesizing multiple data streams, including 3rd party and local data, connected vehicle data, and probe data sets. In addition to its connected vehicle ecosystem, Rekor will also be managing the most advanced ecosystem of data and traffic technology partners to be deployed on US roadways. This combination of technology, data, and expertise will provide NCDOT with the best roadway intelligence available to support the agency’s decisions, and address roadway user needs through actional real-time notifications.

Rekor’s cutting-edge technology solutions are revolutionizing traffic management agencies. By tapping into connected vehicle data (CVD) and other sources, Rekor has boosted incident detection rates by an impressive 23%, identifying road incidents that may have gone unreported through more conventional methods. With this powerful technology, Traffic Management Centers in Departments of Transportation can now rapidly identify and respond to incidents up to 15 minutes faster, resulting in swift incident response and recovery and minimizing secondary incidents and traffic congestion. Rekor’s automatic and real-time incident detection system goes beyond traditional emergency notification systems like 911, capturing incidents as they happen, even minor incidents that often go unnoticed. With this advanced technology at work, every driver can feel safer and more secure.

“We congratulate the North Carolina Department of Transportation on this recent SMART grant award and are thrilled to partner with them on this groundbreaking project. The deployment of Rekor’s Connected Vehicle Ecosystem technology will provide NCDOT with the best roadway intelligence available to support their decisions and address roadway users needs through actional insights in real-time. This

project has the potential to significantly improve safety on North Carolina’s Roadways, and we are proud to be a part of it, said David Desharnais, President, and COO, Rekor Systems.

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