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Reynolds launches recently acquired reconditioning Software ReconTRAC®

Web-based application tracks and streamlines the vehicle reconditioning process for dealers

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of automotive dealership software, documents, and professional services, announced that ReconTRAC®, a web-based software application that streamlines the vehicle reconditioning process, is now available to automotive retailers.

“Reconditioning is one of the most underserved areas of a dealership from a technology perspective,” said Robert Burnett, executive vice president of Business Development at Reynolds. “Managing the reconditioning process is often done manually and is fraught with inefficiencies and a lack of accountability.

“ReconTRAC addresses these issues by empowering dealers to perfect their vehicle reconditioning process and identify what departments are slowing the process down,” Burnett continued. “ReconTRAC can take the time needed to move a vehicle through reconditioning down from a few weeks to as quickly as a few days.”

ReconTRAC offers a range of potential benefits for retailers including:

  • Reduced time between tasks with automated workflows, resulting in quicker total turnaround times.
  • A customizable interface to match their pre-existing reconditioning steps.
  • Tracking on cycle times to reveal inefficiencies and provide accountability.
  • A mobile application to increase flexibility and usability.

“When it comes to improving efficiency and department performance in reconditioning pre-owned vehicles, it’s impossible to overstate the benefit of automation with a customizable application,” said Brad Schafer, co-creator and director of ReconTRAC. “The degree to which this software can speed up inventory turnover translates into significant increases in gross profit for retailers.”

“Ultimately, this joint offering from ReconTRAC and Reynolds is indicative of our shared commitment to improving dealer performance in the used vehicle space,” said Doug Grimaldi, co-creator of ReconTRAC. “Our solution is uniquely positioned in this market to offer end-to-end digital process tracking and an active fix to manual reconditioning. We’re confident in the value ReconTRAC will deliver to retailers and can’t wait to go to work for them.”

ReconTRAC software works seamlessly with major DMS providers and will continue to do so.

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