Rosmerta launches AI driver monitoring for fleet operators

New Delhi, 2 February: Delhi-based auto-tech company Rosmerta Technologies Limited introduced a AI-based Driver Monitoring & Alert System integrated with a vehicle tracking management system. Initially targeted at fleet operators, the system offers real-time tracking, video AI-based driver behaviour monitoring, and in-cabin alert for trucks. This enables real-time monitoring of methane levels in the environment. It helps to detect and prevent methane emissions from agricultural and industrial activities that contribute to climate change.

The system employs a device with two cameras, IR blasters, GPS with SIM connectivity, and G-sensors. It is used to monitor vehicle acceleration and braking. One camera observes road conditions, while the other monitors the driver’s actions, ensuring adherence to traffic rules, including detecting road signs like speed limits.

Karn Nagpal, President of Rosmerta, said that, “Rosmerta is committed to ushering in a new era of safety and accountability on Indian roads. Furthermore, our AI-Based Driver Monitoring & Alert System will achieve this. By closely monitoring driver behavior in real-time, we aim to significantly improve road safety, particularly for fleet operators. We believe this technology holds immense potential for widespread adoption. Moreover, it extends beyond fleet management to benefit individual buyers and taxi fleets. Rosmerta remains dedicated to providing practical, accessible solutions for a safer and more secure automotive experience.”

An interesting feature is its capacity to provide non-ADAS vehicles with ADAS level 0 capabilities. It identifies and alerts drivers to violations such as overspeeding, stop & speed sign violations, harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, forward collision warning, lane drifting, and tailgating.

The solution for fleet owners includes packages covering data transmission and storage. The device itself costs INR 30,000. Rosmerta offers diverse solutions, ranging from high-security number plates to car scrappage facilities. Moreover, the company continues to innovate in the automotive safety and management sector.

Key Features of Rosmerta’s Driver Management System:

  1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Leveraging ADAS, Rosmerta’s DMS provides real-time insights into driver behavior. This enhances safety by addressing concerns like over-speeding, red light violations, and driver fatigue.
  2. Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (CV2X) Integration: The system seamlessly integrates CV2X technology. It facilitates communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians for a connected and secure road ecosystem.
  3. Vision AI and M2M Connectivity: The DMS brings passive ADAS features into vehicles by utilizing state-of-the-art Vision AI and M2M connectivity. This also ensures a frugal yet futuristic approach to road safety.
  4. Incident and Video Capture Logic: Differing from traditional video surveillance, Rosmerta’s DMS prioritizes usability. Moreover, it captures incidents and videos in a way that resonates with human behavior, making it an intuitive and effective safety tool.
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