RPG launches Taabi Mobility

Date: September 15, 2023. RPG Group launched a new company called Taabi Mobility Limited that offers energy efficient and sustainable fleet management solutions. Taabi Mobility offers several specialized software as a service (SaaS) platforms. These platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help companies reduce fuel costs and improve vehicle, fleet, and logistics operations.

Taabi Mobility SaaS platforms include modules for fuel management, control tower solutions, route optimization, vehicle condition monitoring and driver behavior analysis. These modules enable companies to monitor and analyze real-time data from sensors and diagnostic tools embedded in their assets. They also generate predictive insights through a proprietary artificial intelligence model. Realizing unique and advanced asset diagnostics, driver assistance, and video telematics software systems ensures cost savings. It also increases usability and makes vehicles more energy efficient.

Taabi Mobility claims  its solutions has helped businesses save up to 45,000 liters of fuel and detected 1,200  fuel frauds. The company also says its solutions are vehicle-type agnostic. They can work with any fleet and all equipment, regardless of type. Taabi Mobility solutions can have applications in several industries such as transport, mining, telecommunications and construction.

This move by RPG Group is expected to have a ripple effect across various industries. It is encouraging others to follow suit and embrace sustainable fleet management practices. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, such initiatives are crucial in mitigating environmental impact.

Taabi Mobility is currently available in India and is also working towards global expansion.The company draws inspiration from the Japanese word for “journey,” which is “taabi,” and the Japanese ethos of pursuing perfection and attention to detail. As a part of the RPG group, Taabi Mobility inherits an immense responsibility to provide solutions that truly add value to the customer’s bottom line and topline. Taabi Mobility’s R&D team and in-house developers have extensively examined the logistics and fleet operations for many industries over the years. They have engineered SaaS solutions that offer fuel usage optimization, trip reliability, and security. Additionally, they focus on vehicle health maintenance and process sustainability.

RPG Group’s Taabi Mobility is poised to be a game-changer in fleet management. It offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and technologically advanced solution. Moreover, this aligns with the global push for a greener future. This initiative reaffirms RPG Group’s position as a pioneer in sustainable business practices. It also sets a new standard for the industry to follow.

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