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RPM Vehicle Systems releases the RPM Drive App

RPM Vehicle Systems is pleased to announce it has recently updated the RPM Drive App to include multilanguage support and has bolstered track-and-trace capabilities, as well as enhanced the touchless delivery experience.

The RPM Drive App gives customers and vehicle carriers in North America and throughout Europe the opportunity to manage their freight efficiently. With the app’s simple user interface and overall user experience, drivers can quickly scan VINs, capture signatures, and use their mobile-device camera to accurately report damages. Several other unique features of the app include faster payment processing, real-time capture of pickup and delivery, geo-fencing capabilities, and GPS-tracking updates. By leveraging these features, along with RPM’s world-class technology platform, customers benefit from greater efficiency and transparency in their logistics supply chain.

The newest update’s multilanguage support, in addition to English, (Polish, French, Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish, and German) provides streamlined communication between the carrier and our operations team. This allows us to communicate with drivers in their native language. With improved communication, customers and carriers experience a reduction in errors throughout the delivery process, which maximizes efficiencies on both ends.

RPM’s CTO, Frank Soehnge, credits the app’s success to “All of the features working together, resulting in faster carrier payments and claims management process. The app provides a seamless user experience and creates more efficiency and gains for the customer and the carrier. Our app’s latest release ties several manual pick-up and delivery activities into an intuitive, digital process. This way, the drivers can focus on operating safely and efficiently while customers and operations teams benefit from the instant availability of documentation and shipment locations.”

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