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SemaConnect launches Fleet Management Software solution for electric fleets

SemaConnect, a US based electric vehicle manufacturing firm, launched in 2008 by Mahi Reddy, has launched fleet management software. This will be available on the SemaConnect Network for the Series 7 charging station for dedicated fleets.

This is a cloud-based software that makes the Series 7 charging station smart. Fleet managers can schedule charging at off-peak electricity rates, assign each vehicle to a charging station and receive alerts for early or late departures and returns. Reports can be generated by program managers also on charging sessions, usage, energy consumption, carbon offset and alerts. Backed by the SemaConnect Network, station administrators can manage customer and employee charging at Series 6 shared stations and Series 7 fleet stations using the same easy-to-use portal.

Series 7 charging station features include:

  • Compact form factor
  • “At a Glance” LED station status lights
  • Dual mounting charges two vehicles
  • Full warranty replacement policy
  • Cloud-based fleet vehicle and station management portal
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Alerts: Early/Late Plug-In, Not Fully Charged
  • Schedule charging for off-peak electricity rates
  • Load management-ready
  • LCFS credit-ready
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