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Senmiao Technology announces ride-hailing platform operating metrics for September 2021

Senmiao Technology Limited, a financing and servicing company focused on the online ride-hailing industry in China as well as an operator of its own online ride-hailing platform, announced the operating metrics for its proprietary online ride-hailing platform for the month of September 2021. In September 2021, Senmiao reported over 1.0 million total completed orders, a 6.0% increase compared to just under 1.0 million in August 2021. Numbers reported in August and September include the number of completed orders from Meituan’s ride-hailing platform (“the Major Platform”) utilizing Senmiao’s network of cars and drivers for a set monthly fee.

Since the launch of Senmiao’s online ride-hailing platform in Chengdu (October 2020), Changsha (December 2020), Neijiang (January 2021), Guangzhou (March 2021), Nanchong (June 2021), and Panzhihua (June 2021), approximately 13.2 million rides have been completed using its platform. Over 0.9 million rides have been completed on the Major Platform under Senmiao’s new partnership with Meituan, which commenced in August 2021. The number of drivers completing rides via the platform (known as Active Drivers) in September 2021 was over 7,500, an increase of approximately 24% from August 2021.

The table below presents approximate unaudited operating metrics of Senmiao’s online ride-hailing platform since its launch in October 2020.

Orders under
Old Model

(in 000s)
Orders under
New Model 
(in 000s)
(in 000s)
Total Fares Paid
by Riders
(in 000s USD$)
Oct 20201611615311,800
Nov 20205375371,6463,400
Dec 20206206201,8625,000
Jan 20219109102,6268,300
Feb 20217107102,1647,000
Mar 20211,5401,5404,49211,500
Apr 20211,7901,7905,33216,500
May 20212,1542,1546,37618,000
Jun 20212,0682,0686,19318,500
Jul 20211,6591,6594,86416,400
Aug 20215304329623,0016,073
Sep 20215404801,0203,6537,519
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