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Senmiao Technology signing a cooperation agreement with Sichuan province

Senmiao Technology Limited, a financing and servicing company focusing on the online ride-hailing industry in China as well as an operator of its own online ride-hailing platform, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Chengdu Xixingtianxia Technology Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with Sichuan Qingzhuang New Energy Ltd., a provider of new energy vehicle charging services and one-stop online marketing operation and management solutions for merchants in Sichuan Province.

Qingzhuang provides new energy vehicle charging services for drivers through its online application “Qingzhuang Charging” (the “Qingzhuang App”) and offers marketing solutions for small- to mid-size brick-and-mortar merchants in Sichuan Province on the same application platform.

Pursuant to the agreement, Senmiao will initiate a marketing campaign on the Qingzhuang App, targeting new energy vehicle drivers in Chengdu. Senmiao’s drivers that operate new energy vehicles in Chengdu may also register on the Qingzhuang App for charging services. Qingzhuang will pay Senmiao commission fees based on the actual charging amount accrued by Senmiao’s drivers on a monthly basis. The partnership commenced in October 2022 for a term through June 30, 2023, subject to agreement renewal or early termination.

Xi Wen, Senmiao’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are pleased to have established this cooperation with Qingzhuang in Chengdu, which will offer expanded charging options for our drivers that operate new energy vehicles while at the same time increasing public awareness of our online ride-hailing platform amongst Qingzhuang’s many other merchant partners as well as charging customers throughout Sichuan Province. We look forward to developing this relationship in the months to come and are excited about its potential for the future.”

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