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SGESCO-MAX teams up with MiX Telematics in Australia

MiX Telematics, a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce it has partnered with SGESCO- MAX in Australia. The partnership will enable both companies to deliver an integrated, end-to-end fleet eco-system, specifically targeting safety metrics for customers.

Founded in South Africa in 1996, MiX Telematics services clients in over 120 countries with an Australasian office in Perth and offices and dealers in other states including Queensland where SGESCO-MAX is headquartered.

MiX’s offerings include in-vehicle monitoring systems and fleet management software solutions for fleets of all sizes. They partner with global customers who are focused on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of safety, efficiency, sustainability, compliance and security.

“The partnership will provide new ways for Australasian companies to improve the safety of its fleet organisations including driver monitoring, GPS tracking and video telematics. The integration of SGESCO- MAX’s safety solutions with MiX Telematics fleet management technology will enable organisations to lead with better safety management that protects people and assets,” says Scott McPherson, Managing Director of SGESCO-MAX.

As part of the partnership, SGESCO-MAX will be licensed to install and integrate two key MiX offerings. This will boost the magnitude of the MAX-SAFE Safety Eco-System™ – a growing suite of inter-related intelligent safety solutions providing a 360-degree safety net around a vehicle.

According to Scott, SGESCO-MAX will focus initially on integrating these solutions with the MAX-SAFE Speed Limiting Solution™ and MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System™. Both of which can identify risky driving events, high-risk sites and provide vehicle diagnostics all working synergistically to help customers improve their safety records across the board.


“Both companies have a long history in providing best of breed safety solutions for heavy vehicles and a shared vision of what a modern end-to-end safety solution delivers. In 2022 we have evolved to such a point that our solutions can add tremendous value to each other’s offerings – and more importantly to the safety eco-system that progressive companies are wanting to adopt,” remarks Scott.

Brodie Von Berg, Managing Director, MiX Telematics Middle East & Australasia states: “I am thrilled that SGESCO is joining MiX as a Channel Partner serving our Australian market. They have been a leader in providing safety solutions that help to solve their customer’s problems across various industries and their commitment to road safety aligns with our purpose here at MiX. We look forward to working together in making fleets safer across the country.”

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