Sodion Energy launches sodium-ion batteries

Date: February 19, 2024.Sodion Energy, a Hyderabad-based company, has launched Sodium Ion batteries. These can be used for various applications ranging from electric vehicles to home appliances.

About Sodium Ion Batteries (~ Merlin)

Sodium-ion batteries is a type of rechargeable battery that use sodium ions as their charge carriers. These batteries have several advantages over lithium-ion batteries, including lower cost, higher energy density, and faster charging times. They are also less prone to overheating and have a longer lifespan. Sodium-ion batteries are used in a variety of applications, including electric vehicles, portable electronic devices, and grid-scale energy storage systems.

The company, which was founded by co-founder Bala Pachyappa, says that sodium ion batteries have various advantages over existing battery chemistries, including safety, affordability, and a longer life. The business also claims that sodium ion batteries are more environmentally beneficial. They use sodium, which is abundant and readily available, as opposed to lithium, which is limited and expensive.

He added that, Sodium Ion batteries are a game-changer for high power demanding applications, such as electric vehicles and stationary appliances. He also said that Sodium Ion batteries have a slightly lower energy density than some alternatives, but they compensate for it with faster charging times and higher cycle life.

Sodion Energy has introduced a range of products based on Sodium Ion technology. These include a UPS solution for small and medium-sized businesses, a starter battery with a 10-year warranty, and a battery pack for electric vehicles. The company aims to target the aftermarket segment before engaging with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Sodion Energy is one of the few companies to develop and commercialize Sodium Ion batteries. The company hopes to contribute to India’s journey towards a cleaner and greener future. It plans to do this by leveraging its expertise in electric vehicle design and technology. Sodion Energy is also planning to expand its production capacity and R&D facilities in the coming years.

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