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SparkCharge unveils a new EV charging delivery service

SparkDay, SparkCharge‘s annual online event, saw the release of the next generation of mobile charging system, the RoadieCCS, as well as ChargeUp, a new electric vehicle charging delivery service, that promises to charge a vehicle wherever it is for just $25 per month.

“We are super excited to bring mobile charging and charging as a service (CaaS) to the next level,” shared Josh Aviv, SparkCharge CEO and founder. “It’s exactly what is needed right now for America to catch up with electrification of transportation.”

“Mobile charging is a necessity to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Being able to have your EV charged whenever and wherever you’d like takes away the time wasted at chargers, and eliminates the worry of finding a charger that isn’t out of order. We’ve focused solely on making charging as easy as possible, from building the portable charging hardware to mobilize charging and the software to make it easy to access,” continued Aviv.

ChargeUp, SparkCharge’s new charge delivery service, is available to EV drivers as a $25 subscription. Subscribers receive level 3, DC fast charging delivered to their vehicles at their homes, office parking lots, street parking or wherever their vehicles are. Aviv shared, “It’s been really fun to see the reaction of people when they learn that they can have someone come to their car and charge it all month for only $25. Most people pay more than that in a week at a public charging station and twice that for a month of home charging.”

“ChargeUp is changing the game when it comes to EV charging. It’s certainly cost-effective for EV drivers, but what we hope people really see is the opportunities it creates for EV owners,” stated Joshua Rapoza, SparkCharge VP of Marketing. “They now get hours back each week instead of being chained to a charging station. They can use that time to do things they enjoy or have been putting off. Plus, people living in apartments and condos can now own an EV without having to convince the property owners to install stationary chargers. We’ve even had property management companies and auto dealers offering to pay for the service for their customers.”

ChargeUp was Built for EV Owners

  1. Less expensive than home and public charging
  2. Faster than home and public charging
  3. Eliminates waiting at charging stations
  4. Make EV ownership easy for condo and apartment living

The new RoadieCCS is capable of charging all CCS vehicles available in the U.S., like the Chevy Bolt and the Ford MachE. Aviv commented, “It’s clear that CCS is the charging standard for all new EVs in the U.S. We’ve spent hours listening to our partners and understanding their struggles and needs. All of that learning was then focused on the development of the RoadieCCS. We made it easier to carry, stack, and have added IoT connectivity to allow owners to gather important information like state of charge, geographic location, wattage delivered, and more.”

Aviv concluded, “We have so much in the works right now that I suspect we’ll have to expand SparkDay to more than an annual event. We have done more than create a mobile charging network. We’ve created an entirely new concept: Charging as a Service (CaaS). It’s convenient, completely independent of current infrastructure, and is exactly what EV owners deserve: freedom.”

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