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‘Tata uniEVerse’ for adoption of electric vehicles in India

The company's stock gained as Tata Nexon EV celebrates 1st anniversary of successfully driving eMobility revolution in India

Tata Motors has partnered with relevant Tata group companies to launch the ‘Tata uniEVerse’, an enabling ecosystem to catalyze the adoption of electric vehicles in India with thrust on local manufacturing of key components and development of supporting infrastructure.

With Tata Power, the company has established a robust process towards installing home charger at the residence of every Nexon EV customer. Tata Power also has the largest network of CCS2 fast chargers (compatible with Nexon EV). Till date, the company has set up more than 325 charging points in more than 45 cities and on several prominent intercity routes across India. It is planning to scale this up to 700, across most major cities and highways by March 2021. 

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