Qubo introduces vehicle GPS trackers at Rs 2,999

Date: September 6, 2023.Qubo has announced launch of car GPS trackers, priced at Rs 2,999. It will only be available to Qubo clients in Delhi and Bengaluru. One can purchase it on the official website.

Qubo aims to make advanced vehicle tracking accessible to a wider audience, from individual car owners to fleet managers. First 200 buyers will have complimentary installation support. This device comes with one year subscription benefits.

The GPS trackers provide precise real-time location updates, ensuring vehicle owners always know the whereabouts of their cars. Users can set up custom geofences to receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits specific areas.

Qubo’s GPS trackers store detailed route history, allowing users to review past journeys and optimize routes for improved efficiency. For added security, users can remotely immobilize the vehicle’s engine in case of theft or unauthorized use. The trackers provide insights into driving habits, such as speed, harsh acceleration, and braking, promoting safer and more responsible driving. Qubo’s user-friendly mobile app ensures that tracking and managing vehicles is convenient and accessible from anywhere.

The technique for detecting accidents using AI is one noteworthy aspect. Moreover, it automatically phones selected family members or emergency contacts in the event of an accident to ensure that aid will arrive quickly.

The affordability of these GPS trackers from Qubo is expected to have a significant impact on various sectors. Firstly, in personal vehicle security, it offers an affordable solution for safeguarding your car. Secondly, in logistics and transportation businesses, it addresses the pressing need for efficient fleet management. With the rise in vehicle thefts, this product launch couldn’t have come at a better time, providing valuable solutions for these critical concerns.

As they continue to innovate in the field of vehicle technology, Qubo is poised to reshape how we monitor and safeguard our vehicles, making our roads safer and more secure.

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