Vehicle Telematics

Spireon FL360, vehicle tracking device with optional dashcam

Spireon unveiled FL360™, a modular vehicle tracking hardware device, with an optional FL Dashcam. The FL Dashcam is enabled by Surfsight™, a solution of Lytx®. This future-proof dual-camera complements the advanced features and diagnostics of the new FL360 solution and existing FleetLocate™ offerings, with video evidence and vision-based artificial intelligence to take the optimization of fleet operations and risk management to a whole new level.

FL360 is an upgraded version of Spireon’s FL1™ and FL4™ devices. It is a fleet telematics device capable of supporting all vehicle types – from light to heavy duty. It offers a robust solution for reporting new advanced vehicle data and diagnostics. While traditional solutions require different trackers for different use cases, FL360 consolidates multiple hardware offerings into one modular solution. Further, additional fleet management and compliance use cases such as driver ID, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), Power Take-offs (PTO), starter disable, and more, are made available with expandable Input/Output communication capabilities.

FL Dashcam integrates seamlessly with the new FL360 device, and is compatible with all existing FleetLocate devices. FL Dashcam uses advanced edge-computing artificial intelligence to detect a variety of driver distraction situations. This solution offers live view, historical video retrieval, and driver-initiated video capture to enable best-in-class risk management. Video evidence can be used as a new complementary tool in driver behavior management and coaching, and to reduce liability by providing contextual data around accidents, thefts and other incidents.

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