Connected Vehicle

Strategy Analytics: Advancements in Wired and Wireless Connectivity Increase Power, Data for In-Car Infotainment Systems

The Strategy Analytics Automotive Infotainment and Telematics (AIT) service report, “Wired and Wireless Connectivity 2020 – Higher Power, Data; Focus on Improving User Experience” reviews the key technologies, advancements and forecasts in the wired and wireless connectivity space.

At one time the exclusive province of premium models, vehicle connectivity has now become a basic customer expectation in mainstream brands and models. However, there is a good diversity of approaches to implementation, feature sets and service tiers.

Among the highlights of the report include a better check out USB-C and USB4’s role in device charging and data delivery, new applications for Bluetooth including digital key, the mainstream implementation of wireless smartphone projection systems Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the increased implementation of Qi wireless inductive charging.

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