SWITCH Mobility delivers double-decker electric buses to Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram, India – 24th January 2024: SWITCH Mobility Ltd (‘SWITCH’) delivered two open-roof SWITCH EiV 22, the iconic double-decker electric bus to Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. At the forefront of promoting sustainable transportation, Transport Minister Shri K. B. Ganesh Kumar personally drove the open-roof SWITCH EiV 22 double-decker e-bus, embodying a vision for eco-friendly leadership.

The SWITCH EiV 22 open-roof buses will be plied between tourist spots in Thiruvananthapuram. The deployment of these state-of-the-art electric buses signifies a major leap forward in the city’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism. It also aims to elevate the overall travel experience.

These buses, designed, developed, and manufactured by SWITCH, have been procured by KSRTC. KSRTC SWIFT, an arm of KSRTC formed for operating long-distance buses, will operate them. Painted in distinctive shades of blue and brown, these open-top buses will be a prominent tourist attraction on their own in Thiruvananthapuram.

Mr. Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer, SWITCH Mobility Automotive Ltd., said: “We elate as we play a pivotal role in advancing Kerala’s vision for a progressive and sustainable future. This is achieved through our open-roof SWITCH EiV 22 buses in collaboration with KSRTC. We have set our SWITCH EiV 22 buses to become an iconic attraction for tourists in Thiruvananthapuram, offering a unique and immersive experience.The open-roof design allows passengers to enjoy the panoramic views, creating an unforgettable journey that transcends traditional sightseeing. It’s not just about seeing the beauty of Kerala. It’s about feeling, hearing, and smelling the essence of the culturally rich region.

“The SWITCH EiV 22 stands as a beacon of change, symbolizing a tectonic shift in both sustainable urban transportation and tourism. We are confident that this innovative initiative will not only elevate the tourist experience. It will also contribute to the broader goals of eco-friendly, safe, and responsible travel in the beautiful state of Kerala.”

The EiV 22 electric double-decker bus, tailored for cleaner, smarter journeys, launched in August 2022. It also features cutting-edge technology, extra-wide doors, and an emergency exit for safety compliance. Moreover, it accommodates 65 seated passengers, with 35 passengers on the upper deck and 30 passengers on the lower deck of the bus. It also provides an immersive experience for tourists, along with premium interiors and lightweight cushions. Proprietary solutions like ‘SWITCH iON’ enable remote diagnostics and real-time monitoring. The 231 kWh battery pack, with advanced lithium-ion NMC chemistry, provides an impressive 250 km range per day. Moreover, the SWITCH EiV 22 represents a tectonic shift in sustainable urban transportation and tourism.

SWITCH Mobility’s extensive fleet in India comprises nearly 600 buses. It operates seamlessly across major cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Having covered more than 50+ million eco-friendly kilometers since 2018 in India, SWITCH Mobility takes pride. Furthermore, the company boasts an exceptional operational uptime exceeding 98%. This accomplishment aligns with the brand’s mission to enhance lives through green mobility, delivering cleaner, smarter journeys that are accessible to all.

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