Switch Mobility gets 70-bus order from Stagecoach, UK

Leeds, UK & Chennai, India – 25th October 2023: SWITCH Mobility Ltd (‘SWITCH’) has secured an order for 70 buses from Stagecoach, one of the UK’s leading bus and coach operators. The order consists of 10 SWITCH Metrocity 9.5m electric buses, which will operate on Route W11 in London. Additionally, there are 60 Slimline Solo 8.5m, Euro 6 certified buses sold under the Optare brand, presently integrated into SWITCH Mobility. The Solo buses will support Stagecoach in replacing part of their significant fleet of Solo buses across the country. The Metrocity products will go into operation in early 2024 and the Solo’s during the first half of 2024.

Equipped with the latest NMC battery technology, the SWITCH Metrocity is one of the most efficient electric buses in its class. Recently, it received an upgrade to improve efficiency and extend its range to 170 miles. UK has produced over 4000 Optare Solo buses, making it one of the most recognizable buses in the country. They will manufacture the 8.5m slimline variant according to Stagecoach’s exacting specifications, providing seating for 28 people.

Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer – SWITCH Mobility Ltd, said, ‘’We are delighted to continue to expand our relationship with Stagecoach. Stagecoach’s repeat order for the Metrocity electric bus is testament to the efficiency and versatility of the Metrocity. This follows the recent delivery of 20 buses in London. Whilst our focus at SWITCH is on engineering and delivering the world’s most efficient electric buses, we recognize operators such as Stagecoach. They are continuing to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact and improve the efficiency of their fleet. For this reason, we have taken the decision to re-start production of our renowned Solo product. We will also support Stagecoach in replacing part of their existing Solo fleet.”

Sam Greer, Chief Operating Officer – Stagecoach, said, “We are pleased to be welcoming a further 70 low emission vehicles to our fleet. This will help us with our sustainability targets of reaching zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, we aim to have a fully electric bus fleet by 2035.”

By adding 10 advanced Metrocity electric buses and 60 innovative Slimline Solo Euro 6 certified buses to their fleet. Both companies show their dedication to improving public transportation efficiency. As these cutting-edge vehicles take to the roads in London and beyond. Moreover, both companies pave the way for an evolving future of the transportation sector. This collaboration not only highlights Stagecoach’s dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation. It also underscores SWITCH Mobility’s role in shaping the landscape of next-generation mobility.

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