Press Release

SYSTECH is to exhibit fully integrated container and fleet tracking solutions in Mexico

SYSTECH will showcase its unique CAREU UA1 asset tracker, UC1 container lock tracker and “Intelli FleetWeb” fleet management platform software at the Expo Securidad Mexico.

– CAREU UA1 is an LTE/M1 enabled GPS tracking device for asset devices, it is waterproof and dustproof (IP67) to withstand harsh outdoor environments. What’s more, it contains built-in light sensor and air pressure sensor, and equipped with a battery that can last up to six years.

– The CAREU UC1 is a cargo lock with a high-capacity battery that can be locked and unlocked via RFID, electronic fencing or fleet management platform. In addition, if someone vandalizes the UC1 chain, the UC1 will send an alarm message to the fleet management platform.

– Intelli FleetWeb is suitable for fleet tracking management in logistics, leasing, transportation and manufacturing industries. It is highly integrated with the full series of SYSTECH vehicle products and peripherals, and supports video type vehicle recorder for live broadcast, event video upload and history video playback function. In addition, through systematic report integration and statistical analysis, it can effectively reduce management costs and improve enterprise competitiveness.

In the Mexican exhibition, SYSTECH provides an opportunity to use the Intelli FleetWeb system for free when purchasing the full series of SYSTECH’s products.

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